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The Surfrider Foundation Jersey Shore & South Jersey chapter's have joined forces with nearly twenty other organizations to take a stand against beach replenishment. While this newly formed coalition's short-term goal is to stop legislation that would double beach replenishment funding from $25 million dollars to $50 million dollars, the long-term goal is a strategic & tactical approach to implementing environmentally safe & responsible alternatives to beach replenishment. Ultimately, the coalition's stance is not solely against beach nourishment, but a more well-rounded ideology that beach replenishment is harmful & unsustainable and that there are alternatives.

On Thursday, October 7th, we hosted a press conference in Deal, NJ where members of this newly formed coalition gathered to publicly vocalize our concerns with beach replenishment & the current bill that would double the amount of funding. Aside from voicing our concerns, we also addressed alternatives. Press outlets from all over New Jersey covered the press conference. You can view those stories below. While we work on a more strategic plan, we are asking folks to complete our action alert pertaining to beach replenishment funding. 

Press Coverage: