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Stafford Township Repealing Bag Law

The gateway to Long Beach Island is Stafford Township, know also a Manahawkin and they passed a law banning plastic bags that went into effect a couple years ago. This was great news for such a big town sitting on Barnegat Bay. But the current Mayor used the pandemic as an excuse to suspend the law in March of 2020 and now they have taken steps to repeal the law altogether.

Bags in Tree Near Home Depot

This prompted Surfrider Foundation and many other environmental groups to send this letter to the Township Clerk, mostly about the undemocratic process of holding in-person meetings and hearings at a time like this.

Please take a minute to email the Mayor at the very least and possibly the other Council members as well. Mayor Greg Myhre's email info is here

And Councilman Paul Krier -

Councilman Thomas Steadman -

Councilman Robert Henken -

Councilman George Williams -

Councilman Dr. Anthony Guariglia -

Councilman Michael Pfancook -

Naturally, the state plastic bag ban will go into effect in May, 2022 which makes this change all the more ridiculous. To change to a bag law, then to repeal that bag law, and then to go back to a bag ban in 17 months is enough to make your head spin.

Let's make sure they hear from those of us who think banning plastic bags was a good idea in the first place. Please email those elected leaders in Stafford Township.