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The city of Asbury Park continues to lead by example in the fight against plastic pollution. Last year they banned the intentional release of balloons and up next, single-use plastic bags. Year after year, millions of plastic bags make their way into our waterways and oceans posing serious threats to the environment and marine wildlife. This past Wednesday, city council introduced an ordinance that would ban single-use plastic bags and add a fee to paper and reusable bags. The Chapter has conducted numerous beach cleanups in Asbury Park over the years and began collecting and cataloging the data of items found. This information was used to support the idea of this legislation. We commend the city on their efforts as well as their firm stance on a fee as we have found that fees incentivize the use of reusable and recycled bags. On Wednesday, May 22nd, this ordinance will go before the council for a second time and you can help ensure it passes! We encourage you to call and email the officials below to tell them you support banning plastic bags and putting a fee on paper and reusable bags. Cheers to Asbury Park for introducing the ban and creating transformative change!

Mayor John Moor 732-502-5755
Dep. Mayor Amy Quinn 732-775-2100
Jesse Kendle 908-433-1789
Yvonne Clayton 732-710-6415
Eileen Chapman 732-775-2100