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Parking Permits Proposed for Deal

The Borough of Deal has introduced an ordinance to require permit parking on 6 of the 14 streets east of Ocean Ave. Deal NJ

We find it interesting that Deal just got millions of dollars of free sand in the form of beach replenishment. This is in a town where there is no swimming except at the Pavilion where there are lifeguards. We warned officials that this would happen; that once there are wide sandy beaches, that the taxpayers who paid for those beaches would want to get to those beaches. Getting to those beaches requires people to park.

So please please please come to the meeting of the Mayor and Commissioners on October 9th at 9AM to express your opposition to this. (Yes they meet at 9AM on Fridays - no wonder things like this happen.)

If you can't get to the meeting, please email the Deal Mayor, Morris Ades, - Email the Borough Administrator as well Be respectful, but express your opposition to this.

Call or email your State Assembly Member Caroline Casagrande - (732) 866-1695,   Mary Pat Angelini - (732) 531-1045, and State Senator Jennifer Beck (732)

But wait there's more - believe it or not there is a petition at to limit beach access and parking in Deal, NJ.  If it wasn't so ridiculous and illegal it would be sad. Read but please do not sign.