February 26, 2017

Bradley Beach Dune Grass Planting a Success!

Watch the video here!

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February 20, 2017

New Jersey: Your public beach access is at risk! Contact your State representative

New Jersey: Your public beach access is at risk! The “public access bill” (S-2470/A4092.), which would codify and establish the public trust doctrine, is being held up by lobbyists!

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January 11, 2017

Beach Access Bill Advances

A bill in the NJ Senate would finally codify certain aspects of public access to NJ’s waterways. The last two Governor’s have created rules for this type of access that have been thrown out in court. We have said all along that the Legislature, the lawmakers could take on this issue and settle it. This is a good first step. 
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September 11, 2016

Doubling Money For Beach Replenishment – Heck No!

There is a bill in the NJ Legislature that would double the amount of money that would go to beach replenishment from $25 million to $50 million. This money comes from the Realty Transfer Taxes. Please take a minute and email your state officials by clicking this Action Alert here.
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June 28, 2016

Deal permit parking. AGAIN!

Remember that hugely successful petition last fall that helped get Deal officials to table the vote to restrict parking along beachfront roads? Click to see more.

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