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Save Asbury Park!

Help Save Asbury Park’s North End Beach from Illegal Development!

1. Visit our Save Asbury Park website to learn more about our campaign.
2. Join our Save Asbury Park’s North End Beach email action alert network here.

The Jersey Shore Chapter is working with other environmental and historic preservation groups to stop the development of the North End Beach of Asbury Park, NJ.

The north end beach of Asbury Park is threatened by development that will:

    • Build in an area flooded by Deal Lake during Hurricane Irene and from storm surge during Superstrom Sandy
    • Decrease Public Access to the beach
    • Reduce the size of the gravel parking lot used by anglers & surfers
    • Build in front of Asbury Towers, partially on Green Acres Land
    • Build on Ocean Avenue
    • Build in a V-Zone (wave velocity) against State CAFRA rules

Asbury Park has a long tradition of keeping everything east of Ocean Ave as public space. Preserving this land as public space and improving it would be much better than the 15 luxury townhomes proposed.


1. Sign-up for our campaign updates campaign updates to learn how to stay informed and help with this campaign!

2. Sign the petition against oceanfront development and in support of an oceanfront park.

3. Contact Brain Cheripka of iStar directly to request they remove the “Townhomes at Bradley Cove” from the waterfront plan and replace it with an oceanfront park.

4. Contact the Monmouth County Freeholders to let them know you support open space at the north end beach.

5. Write a letter to the editor of you local paper (APPThe Coaster)

Please visit the website,, sign the petition there, and stay tuned for information on the state public hearings regarding this project.
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Learn more about Save Asbury Park!