Beach Replenishment

Surfrider Foundation has worked on the issue of beach replenishment since the late 1990’s. Along with groups like SEA we have slowly but surely educated the public and decision makers about the problems associated with beach replenishment. The best article on beachfill is on, a great source of information on all things coastal. The problems with replenishment are in the “Costs of Beachfill” section of this article. Many newspaper and other articles are linked there, but often they are in the numbered footnotes. You can click the footnote or go to that section to read the full original article. So go to

There is more information there about

    More dangerous swimming conditions and injuries to bathers after replenishment
    Poor quality sand impacting the environment, wildlife and aesthetics

Beach Access and Beach Replenishment

Negative Impacts on Marine Life

The New York District of the Army Corps of Engineers is finally considering alternative designs and actually pumping some beaches differently  and  some beaches differently based on what we have taught them.

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Learn more about Beach Replenishment 

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