This past Friday, the Borough of Deal introduced Ordinance #1230 at a public meeting which will authorize the sale of beachfront public property to an adjacent homeowner for $1,000,000. This property (Block 14, Lot 17) was created with a state grant to shore up the “pump house” after Sandy. At their next public meeting March 3, 2021, the Borough intends to pass Ordinance #1230 and sell the land to the adjacent homeowner who has a relative that sits on the Borough planning & zoning board.

This is the second time in two years that the Borough has attempted to sell beachfront property to an adjacent homeowner. Back in January 2019, The American Littoral Society filed a lawsuit against the Borough when they attempted to sell a street end, Neptune Avenue, to a waterfront developer for $1,000,000. That lawsuit is still pending.

We are urging all who are in opposition of this sale to contact their State & Local Representatives, The Borough of Deal & the NJDEP at 1-877-927-6337. The next public Borough meeting will be Wednesday, March 3 via Zoom.

Information & photos courtesy of COBRA: NJ Beach Access