The Northeast Supply Enhancement Pipeline, NESE, application was once again withdrawn by the Williams/Transco company. Our coalition firmly believes the company will re-apply, once again and continue to push this unneeded, unwanted fossil fuel project that would dig up miles of the Raritan Bay to build this pipeline.

In January 2020 Surfrider, Clean Ocean Action, and other coalition members met with New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy’s office and with the Department of Environmental Protection and described in detail our objections to the project, to offer our support in opposing the many permit applications, and to suggest various strategies and arguments to assert in the application process that would lead to a denial of the permits.  Surfrider was represented at the Governor’s office meeting by John Weber and at the DEP meeting by Jeffrey Williams, both of the Jersey Shore Chapter.

At a time when Governor Murphy and New York’s Governor Cuomo are both committed to transitioning their states to sustainable, clean energy programs, the Williams/Transco pipeline and associated dredging, construction of compression stations, and laying of pipe in a densely populated recreational region around Raritan Bay and Sandy Hook is inconsistent with any such progressive energy policy.  We hope all of you will respond to the next Surfrider call to send letters or emails to oppose this dangerous project and forever end large-scale energy infrastructure development like this project that presents more risks to climate change reduction efforts and the move to clean energy generation, distribution and usage.