Hopefully you are following the good news that the Northeast Supply Enhancement pipeline, or the NESE Pipeline proposed by the Williams company across Raritan Bay, was denied a permit by NJ, and also by the State of NY. However, the company is still trying to make this unnecessary and harmful pipeline happen by re-applying for permits and now by asking for a permit to dump the dredge materials from pipeline construction.

The whole reason that NY denied the permit for this pipeline was due to the toxic metals on the bottom of the Bay that would be dredged up. It therefore makes no sense to dump that contaminated material further out in the ocean. But that’s their plan and they are asking the Army Corps of Engineers for a permit to do so.

Please use this link and write to the Army Corp and ask them to deny the permit. This is not a form letter, this is a letter you get to write yourself (but there are bullet points to help you).

We have until January 19, 2020 to send these letters and comments in.