TRENTON: Earlier today the Senate Budget & Appropriations Committee of the State of New Jersey released bill S2776 to move on the next steps of the legislative process. The Jersey Shore Chapter has worked diligently alongside other environmental organizations to see this bill passed. New amendments to the proposed bill call for a ban on all single-use plastic bags and polystyrene foam as well as a ban on retail paper bags. Plastic straws would be available upon request at restaurants. Although we are happy with the movement of S2776, we do have concerns with a ban on paper and straws available upon request as the original bill called for a fee on a paper and an outright ban on straws with exceptions.

Polystyrene foam (aka styrofoam), plastic straws, and plastic bags are some of the most commonly found items littered in our communities and on our beaches. They are a blight on our cities, and injure animals when ingested. Similar legislation in other states and cities has led to reductions in single-use plastic waste and pollution. The Surfrider Foundation issued a call to action for New Jersey residents to submit their comments and show support for the bill. We saw over 7,000 signatures and comments!

Although this is a giant step for New Jersey, the fight is not over. We expect both houses to vote on the measure before the legislative sessions is up in mid-January. You can still voice your opinion and support with our action alert link below. This is a huge opportunity for New Jersey to show its leadership in the fight against plastic pollution!

Contact Your Representative and Tell Them You Support Bill S2776!

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