Please share your thoughts on the Asbury Park’s North Beach Waterfront Development survey. iStar, the Asbury Park waterfront developer plans to build a membership-only, walled, waterfront beach club on the 6th-7th Avenue lots on the boardwalk. The City is asking for your thoughts on the project. 

The group, Save Asbury’s Waterfront (SAW) suggests that supporters can use the following 5 points for reference.

1.Oceanfront Preservation: An oceanfront park from 6th Avenue north to the Loch Arbor border. No new development east of Ocean Avenue (with the exception of standard park amenities like bathrooms).

2. Boardwalk:  Boardwalk restored, with a forward-looking vision, at least to its old height/width. System of dunes.

3. Fisherman’s Lot:  A solution that: is environmentally sound (respects wildlife habitat, forward-looking stormwater management plan); that is protective; and is accessible by the public.

4.Social Inclusion and Public Access: Increased, year-round public transportation options that bridge the east side and west side: jitney service and increased, safer bike lanes/paths.

5. Transparency: Reestablishment of the Waterfront Redevelopment Advisory Board. A well-rounded and independent board of overseers comprised respected professionals and community leaders who will trust and challenge one another, and engage directly with the waterfront developers and and City management/governance.