We need your help to ensure that the Public Access Bill (S1074) continues to move through the Senate! Click the link below to send a message directly to your elected officials asking them to protect public access to tidal waterfronts for bathing, swimming, fishing, and other shore-related activities.

New Jersey’s shore and riverfront communities are diverse, active places, where people come to enjoy the tidal waters and the waterfront. The protection of tidal waterways and their shores is necessary for a variety of reasons including tourism and recreation. Bill S.1074 will also address chronic problems that limit public access to tidal waters, such as inadequate parking, restroom facilities, walkover structures, and handicapped access.

Without clarification and direction to the NJDEP, municipalities and private landowners have, and will continue, their attempts to limit parking, close off access points, and restrict the public from enjoying beaches and waterfronts the public has a right to access.

We need your help to ensure that this bill continues to move through the Senate! Take a couple minutes and send a message.


If you can, take time to edit and personalize the form letter so that it will be properly considered.