Today the Asbury Park Press reported that Deal Mayor Cohen will end the allegedly illegal and discriminatory practice of giving free passes to a handful of beachfront residents at their municipal beaches. Chapter Chair, Andrew Chambarry, states, “If the borough is truly ending its practice of giving preferential treatment to beachfront homeowners, then it is a small victory for the public trust doctrine.”

The issue arose after Deal passed an ordinance in 2017 designating the area between Neptune Avenue and Marine Place a public beach and set daily beach badge fees at $8 on weekdays and $10 on weekends.

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However, about a half-dozen homeowners with private beach access were excluded from paying the fees, a fact that came to light during a Dec. 4 meeting of the Deal Commissioners.

Chambarry wrote a letter to the state Department of Environmental Protection last week asking for an investigation into Deal’s beachfront practices.

In the letter, Chambarry called the practice of allowing select people free access to the beach others have to pay to get on “discriminatory.”

The Chapter is proud to have won a small victory in the larger battle for fair and equal beach access in New Jersey.

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