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At a public meeting on April 5, 2017, the Borough of Deal, New Jersey introduced Ordinance #1143, which would require permit parking during the summer months on five streets (Monmouth Terrace, Monmouth Drive, Hathaway, Sydney and Neptune Ave) with two vital beach access points, for a cost of $100 for the summer or $50 per month. This is another attempt to keep people away from the newly replenished beaches in Deal, paid for with your tax money.

Surfrider believes this ordinance violates Public Trust rights under New Jersey and federal law. Ordinance #1143 is another slap in the face to local taxpayers, given that Deal’s beaches were recently the benefactor of a $40 million taxpayer-funded beach replenishment project by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers.

It’s clear to everyone that the Borough intends to keep surfers, fisherman and the general public away from what they consider to be “their” private beaches. We have a right to access and enjoy the shoreline under New Jersey and federal law. We can’t allow the Borough of Deal to restrict access to beaches that we all paid for!

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