While we don’t necessarily agree with the practice of beach badges, we get it. They pay for services at the beach like lifeguards. For a long time we have argued that a regional or a statewide beach badge would be great for surfers, anglers and lots of folks. Plenty of people would buy them.

We supported this idea last year through a bill in the NJ legislature that would allow counties to run beaches if towns agreed.

But now here is the news that one town on Long Beach Island, Beach Haven, is going to honor the beach badges of the five other towns on Long Beach Island. Hallelujah! While not county wide, it’s a huge part of the County’s coast. Our prediction is that the sky will not fall and the economy of Beach Haven will not collapse. The announcement is in their sliding news here http://beachhaven-nj.gov/

There are other places that have been doing this for years. South of Atlantic City, the towns of Margate and Ventnor honor each others badges, and of course, Atlantic City’s beaches are free.